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"What Should We Do?"

"What should we do?" My husband and I are retired. We ask this question nearly daily because we have time we want to use. When I saw the same question in Luke 3 I stopped to ponder.

““What should we do then?” the crowd asked.”

Luke 3:10 NIV

John the Baptist was preaching in the wilderness. He drew quite the diverse crowds. His message was get ready God's salvation is coming. The crowds were definitely intrigued. Whatever was coming sounded good and they wanted to be included.

John was asked "What should we do?" by the crowd, the tax collectors and the soldiers. The general public, the cheaters and the enforcers. Hum, what do I have to learn from these folks?

John answered the same question with three different answers:

· Be generous.

· Be Honest.

· Be Content.

John's mission was to prepare hearts for Jesus' coming. What is our purpose? If we know of Jesus' amazing gift of eternal life, we are to stir up interest in God, just like John.

How can we get others interested in spiritual matters? The world thirsts for relief, fairness and satisfaction. God will quench those thirsts. Others will notice how we live life.

What should we do?

· Be generous with kindness and patience. Too often we don't realize the silent suffering and private pain of others. Simple acts of assistance and extra forbearance will be a balm of momentary relief in this stress filled world.

· Be Honest with your real life. Others observe how believers handle the challenges of surviving modern life. Share your victories as well as your battles.

· Be Content with the course of your life. Believers are assured of their final destination as well as the confidence that The God which knows all holds all in His loving hand.

What can you do today to stir interest in the coming of Jesus this Christmas?

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