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Wear a Nametag Part Deux!

I turned the corner and saw the trees in full bloom. Trees framing the church were bursting with happy white flowers. A smile appeared across my face while positive thoughts washed over my brain. This is a good day.

It was a great day. We're back! We're with people! We're acquainting and reacquainting. Sunday March 28 was the first time FBC Olathe gathered for in person worship in four months.

Over a dozen of us wore custom made nametags. Since we're still wearing masks, nametags assist our recognition of each other.

It was fun to see the creativity. Some of the nametags and the smiles generated were "worth the price of admission"!

It was so much fun.... let's do it again on Easter Sunday! If you are comfortable join us this week and be sure to make yourself a nametag. Online worship will also be available.

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