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Unravel Me

As I clicked the play button, I heard "unravel me" singing to my 'to do' list. A new baby awaits her hand-knit Christmas stocking. Years ago I started a tradition of personalized wedding gifts. The bride and groom receive hand knit stockings with the promise of stockings for their future children. Each couple has a unique style logged in my tightly guarded spreadsheet. (My memory is not what is used to be. I need the technological crutch.)

This family's style includes yarn salvaged from a family friend's mother's stash. My thought was to give a piece of family in a broader sense. The stash included an unfinished project. To accomplish my color palette, the unfinished project would be unraveled and re-used.

Some might think it a waste of time to unravel and reuse. I find it to be a good memory trigger, much like a yellow sticky note on the bathroom mirror. This new addition joins a family loved by adjunct family and that re-knit yarn proves it.

The Israelites Exodus from slavery to the promised land can be viewed as an unraveling of memories. The past memories of Pharoah and oppression are repurposed into fresh memories of God's deliverance to cultivate their trust relationship with God.

The Book of Exodus reminds us to remember what God has done in the past so we will trust Him in our unknown future.

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