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Speak Your Smile

Speak Your Smile- Invite

On March 28, 2021, our church will offer in-person worship, in addition to the current online worship options, for any who are comfortable gathering together. We will ask that all maintain social distancing protocols, use of hand sanitizers and of course our essential "fashion statement", the face mask.

"I want to be with people." I hear it from family, strangers and those in my church. We have discovered one of the ingredients of worship, community. After so many months apart and well distanced we need to intentionally focus on re-connectedness.

I'm very excited to worship with other believers in the church facility but the safety measures may hamper our feeling of community and reconnection. Masks prevent us spreading good will with a mere smile. Sometimes masks and new hairstyles cloak our identities so even our church friends might momentarily not recognize us.

My gas fireplace repairman gave me some advice. The remote which operates the fireplace had gradually stopped functioning. I changed the batteries but still the remote was unreliable. The repairman told me that sometimes when the batteries are changed the remote has to be "reconnected" with the igniter unit. By depressing a special button, the fireplace "magically" flamed to life!

As we end the pandemic separation we should be intentional about reconnecting with our church family. In some cases it's been months since we've seen each other. Hair color and styles probably have been changed. With half our face obscured our brains will be hampered to recognize our fellow church goers.

So let's "Speak Your Smile" and commit to reconnect with each other. Could I ask at least 5 of those reading this blog post to become a "reconnector?"

The expectations of a reconnector are easy:

· Make yourself a nametag. Be creative or not as you wish. Your nametag can be artistic or merely a 3x5 card with a straight pin or even a sticky note. Be sure name tag displays your first name in one inch , or larger, letters. I've added a photo of my nametag.

· Commit to visit with at least 5 people. Strike up a conversation to engage with someone on a topic other than the weather or "How are you?" (We always reply "Fine.") Start in the parking lot.

· When asked about your nametag, invite others to make their own nametag and join in the reconnecting fun and fellowship.

· I would love to know who are the committed reconnectors. Could you send me an email so we can encourage one another and hold each other accountable? (

March 28, 2021 is the day when our church will be recharged as a community. Let's reconnect by speaking our smiles

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