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Our Core Values

Our core values support out Mission Statement. Within everything we do at First Baptist Church of Olathe we will always  consider it follows our Core Values.


The Bible speaks to us of a loving God who has created us for a deep relationship with Him. We acknowledge that God exists and works in three persons: God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and strive to know each through prayer, Scripture, and quiet listening.


God calls us to be and make disciples. Together, empowered by the Holy Spirit, we pray, learn, walk, watch, serve, and encourage one another to live as Jesus taught.


As God’s family we will worship and honor Him with whole hearts surrendered. We seek to encounter the living God and celebrate His goodness both as we gather and as we go about our daily lives.


Our God-given mission is to share Jesus anywhere, anytime, with everyone and to help others to do the same.


Jesus values each generation’s unique perspectives and gifts to the community. We seek to connect, empower, and appreciate one another regardless of generation with empathy and love as Jesus modeled.


God has entrusted each and every person with gifts, talents, and abilities that are necessary for His mission. At FBC Olathe, we join together to discover, develop, and use these to participate in His work.

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