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What If....?

What If? The words jumped off the page when I read Exodus 4. Moses posed the question to The Lord after The Lord revealed His plan to deliver the Israelites using Moses.

These two words challenge me. It's too easy to criticize Moses for asking such a question to The Lord. Too often, yielding to fear or doubt I've heard myself respond with similar concerns. "Why me?" "Not me!" "Not Now." "I can't." "What if..."

What if means things are gonna change. Change is hard. We like sameness. Familiarity fosters our comfort. Too often the motivation behind the question "what if" is my comfort level. Circumstances beyond our control has certainly forced our lives to change!

Hindsight proves God's plan includes the best. Do I doubt the goodness of God, His love and faithfulness? Perhaps I need to think of "what if"' as "what if I don't?" I never want to miss the bargain, the blessing or the big excitement. If I received a wrapped gift, I'd want to unwrap it, not ignore or avoid it.

Together our church family has experienced many changes and challenges this past

year. The "what if" question is the "elephant in the room", the question we want to voice but avoid. Perhaps we should reword the question to "what if God does....?" God has a great plan for our church. Let's join together to "unwrap" the unique mission and ministry He has for the future of FBC Olathe.

Just as God led the Israelites to The Promised Land, God will lead our church on the next stage of our journey. "What if God does....?" I don't want to miss what God has planned. Together let's rejoice in the journey God has planned for us.

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