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Sweeter after the Rest!

Seek God's Will in all you do, and God will direct your paths. Proverbs 3:6

I was making my "To Do" list today, I started to feel stressed because of how long the list is and also blessed because I have a long list with opportunities to serve Jesus. I always start my list with "Stay Prayed Up", it helps me to stay on who and what is important.

Where does TIME go? I'm in a hurry, you're in a hurry, America is in a hurry. Time has skyrocketed in value. The value of any commodity depends on its scarcity. Who has extra time?

Shouldn't we have more time, with faster cars, faster computers, faster ways to communicate, fast food, etc. This time gained by technology doesn't help us relax, it makes us run. Lives are growing louder and stressful as the demands grow greater. And as demands become greater, lives grow emptier. Can you relate? Here is a story that helped me, I pray it will help you also, to REST.

This is a story about a young man taking piano lessons, (with the talented youth group we have, maybe you can relate). This young man practiced thirty minutes every afternoon. Tethered to the piano bench was torture. The metronome inspected each second with glacial slowness before it was allowed to pass. He did learn to enjoy most of the music. But, there was one instruction in the music he could never obey to his teacher's satisfaction. The REST! The zigzagged command to do nothing. Nothing! What sense does that make? Why sit at the piano and pause when you can keep on playing?

"Because", his teacher patiently explained, "music is always sweeter after the REST!"

Jesus always went to prayer before talking with the masses. He took a REST, with God. He went to the mountaintop. Listen and God will call you there also, "come to me, all you who are weary and burdened..." His Summit, clean air, clear view, crisp breeze, the busyness far below. Need more grace, more joy, more courage, more time? Then ask! And hear God answer with a resounding "Yes, REST!"

See you in Worship at 10:30 and Youth Group at 5:30-7:00 on Sundays. Join in with all the fun summer activities with plenty of restful prayer time.

Blessings, Ms. Debby

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