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Do you have a favorite Christmas Story? A story that fits into your New Year, empowers your Faith Journey.

Mine is the story "Three Trees", what a powerful message. Tree #1, hoped to be a beautiful treasure chest, God made tree #1 into a manger to hold baby Jesus, the greatest treasure. Tree #2, hoped to be a strong ship to carry Kings, God made tree #2 into a ship to carry Jesus, Kings of Kings. Tree #3, hoped to grow tall, so people would have to look up and when they did they would remember God. God made tree #3 into a cross that held Jesus when He died for us. When people see a cross today they remember God. God's plans are always the best, trust Him to show you. TRUST, HOPE, BELIEVE, God's way is perfect just for you! Just like His Love!

"Youth in the Spotlight" is Joseph Boutwell! Joseph is a junior at ONWHS. His favorite subjects are reading, theater, and lunch. Joseph has 2 brothers and 1 sister, he is a great big brother to his sister and he says, "it's important to listen to your parents". Joseph loves family time. Joseph's favorite food is anything chocolate. He collects Hot Wheel cars and character cars from the movie "CARS". He builds model cars and likes to build with Lego sets. Joseph likes to read Garfield comic books. He enjoys reading the Bible, he can read the scripture, the story, etc. and then he's really good at retelling it in his own words, explaining what it means to him. In his free time he plays games on his phone, like Transformers, Angry Birds, or on Nintendo Switch. If you want a challenge, play a game of Corn Hole with Joseph! He also likes to watch his favorite football team the Green Bay Packers. Aaron Rogers is his favorite quarterback. Then sometimes he just likes peace and quiet. Joseph's favorite vacation was a train ride to North Carolina. He likes warm weather and the beach.

Joseph's advice to the Youth Group is "have fun, being a Christian is important and exciting". Joseph knows Jesus loves him. Knowing this and being a sweet, kind, young man, I know God has amazing plans for Joseph's life. He is serious about his faith and has amazing Bible knowledge. His favorite SuperHero is Captain America, second to Jesus. Joseph makes the world fun, kinder, interesting, a better place. It's a joy to know him, and Joseph gives the best side hugs ever!

There's always a place for you in the FBC Youth Group. Join us Sunday for 9:30 Sunday School, 10:30 Worship, and 5:30 Youth Group.

Blessings, Mr. Shawn and Ms. Debby

"We know how dearly God loves us, and we feel this warm love everywhere".

Romans 5:5

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