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Do You Want to Build A Snowman?

I'm sitting at my dining room table watching the snow dance in the wind. As the inches mount up I'm thinking how beautiful and cold the new snow is, pure white, not contaminated by the dirt of the world. Then I turn to the TV and watch the Winter Olympics, the Olympians using the beautiful white snow to fly through the air, do tricks of great difficulty, to win the gold.

I have a fleeting thought, "do you want to build a snowman"? No, thank you, I'm comfortable in my warm house. I can feel the warmth of God's love and blessings, through this winter wonderland.

COMFORT in February? You may need the comfort of a warm blanket when you feel cold. How about when you feel hurt inside or out? Who comforts you? Family, friends, sure they do, they love you. God loves you more. God sees you, knows you and feels for you. God wants to comfort you. Some people blame God when they hurt. God doesn't cause bad things. God gives you peace, that warm fuzzy feeling inside. We know God comforts us, because God said so in the Bible. God is your friend, don't worry. God's comfort is real - God is REAL! God is LOVE!

God is the Father who is full of mercy and all comfort. 2 Corinthians 1:3

I think God wants us to step out of our Comfort Zone, because it forces us to trust Him. When we trust God we know God will do amazing things, His good works, in our lives. What do you feel uncomfortable doing? God's got this! Knowing God's love is the greatest COMFORT I can think of. Go build a Snowman!

Join us on Sunday for Youth Group 5:30-7:00, Sunday School 9:30, Worship 10:30. It's a COMFORT to have such special Youth at FBC.

Did you notice the Valentine stuff next to the Easter stuff in the stores? I thought "WOW" they got that right! The ultimate LOVE is Easter! Jesus loves us so much, He gave His life for us. Because of this love we are forgiven, saved, have everlasting life, and can feel His COMFORT.

Blessings, and Comfort, Ms. Debby

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