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R U a Remnant?

I found treasure on our annual "Pirate Excursion." We called ourselves pirates and even dressed the part some years because we looked for treasures among trash. A nearby city had an annual spring clean up day. Many households held garage sales. Saturday afternoon and Sunday the leftovers went to the curb to be collected by city crews on the Spring Clean up day. Our gang journeyed to this town and trolled the streets seeking free furniture, appliances and assorted DIY materials.

My most successful find was a remnant of fabric which I needed to finish my daughter in law's T-shirt quilt. I hadn't purchased enough of the college logo fabric and needed just a bit more. I found more than enough of the exact material in a box on a curb on our treasure hunt! Others' trash was my treasure!

Remnant bins in fabric stores are my favorite. A fabric remnant is a small piece leftover from a bolt, usually too small to remain on the bolt but too large to discard. They are usually substantially discounted . Thus a bargain! A treasure to a thrifty seamstress!

Remnants are prizes to be saved for just the right purpose. I've had some remnants for years before they realize their destiny.

God used remnants of His people to carry on His purpose and plan. After a catastrophe when the population was decreased, a small group remained. These remnants represent hope. The entire population of the earth was eliminated by the flood except Noah and his family. Their purpose was to repopulate and carry on God's plan for humanity.

Perhaps some would think less of being a remnant but God sees potential, fulfillment and hope in His remnant. God sees remnants as precious, full of potentiality, a prize!

What can you do today to be His remnant in the midst of the world's chaos?

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