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Name That Tune

With God all things are possible. Matthew 19:26b

Once upon a time there was a family of mice living inside a piano. Life was good, quiet, and ordinary, they had everything they needed. Then one day their whole world was filled with music. "Isn't that beautiful?" said Father mouse. Mother mouse agreed and asked, "What can make something so amazing?"

The daughter mouse declared it was the wires as they vibrated inside the piano that made the beautiful music.

The brother mouse said, "No it's not the wires that make the music, it's the piano hammers when they dance on the wires that make the music."

Then Father mouse decided to explore the inside of the piano. Then he announced, "it wasn't the wires or the piano hammers that made the music." "It was the woman that lived in the house, as her hands press the black and white keys."

That evening as the mouse family was enjoying the beautiful piano music. Sister mouse asked, "if the woman makes the piano hammers go and the piano hammers make the wires go, I wonder what makes the woman go?"

"God does!" said Mother mouse. "God moves the woman to use her gifts, her ability, and her knowledge of the piano to fill the world with beautiful music."

"You're right!" said the others. "Let's thank God for how He has blessed us with all the beautiful people to make beautiful music!"

Graduates, the music you play is what you do with what God has given you. This is an exciting time to honor you for the devotion and hard work you've shown. What you do with your Degree or the next step of your education is up to you. God has special plans for you. God is faithful, promising to always be with you, to equip you with everything you will need to share your beautiful music, your talents, your skills, yourself, as a child of God.

As you close this Chapter of your life and start another, we, your FBC Faith Family, pray that you will discover God's unique plan for your life, filled with your amazing accomplishments. God has given you the talent to be great at whatever you do.

What will be your Tune? As you fill the world with your beautiful music, will it be a reflection of God's Ways, God's Love, God's Joy, God's Peace? We're thanking God for you and looking forward to seeing how God will use you and your gifts to make the world a better place, because of the beautiful music you will make-that God has made through you!

Come join us for Worship at 10:30 and Youth Group at 5:30-7:00. Watch for Special Activities this summer.

God Bless You!

Ms. Debby

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