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Just Add Family!

Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Ps. 127:1

How do you do family? Do you use "QUALITY" to describe your family? We should aspire to have quality families and that means conforming to God's requirements for our lives. To ensure that we have quality families, is to do things right, as best we can, all the time.

Let God work to build our families. How? 1. Keep God's Word in your heart so it can be activated on a daily basis. 2. Prayer, use God to build a structurally sound family. 3. Set an example by staying pliable for the Lord to mold you. 4. Time with God is always quality time, just add family!

Right now I'm singing, "The Wise man built his house upon the rock, and the house on the rock stood firm!" That's QUALITY building, that's QUALITY family!

"Youth in the Spotlight" is Zachary Sonsthagen! Zach is an 8th grader at Pleasant Ridge Middle School. His favorite subjects are Social Studies and History. Zach enjoys participating in Track and playing Basketball for his school. He is also in Band, playing the Euphonium and Orchestra, playing the Cello. We are blessed here at FBC, as Zach shares his talents playing the Cello for our Worship Service. He also helps at the SoundBoard, running the video camera. Zach loves spending time with family, he has 1 brother and sister-in-law and 1 sister. Zach's family fits into that "Quality Family" they do many things as a family, even "berry picking" Zach's favorite food is pizza or hamburgers made by his dad. In his free time he likes to play Chess, play video games, or play with his dog, Milo. He likes to read Fantasy books and collects rocks. He has a rock tumbler to polish the rocks. Zach's advice to the Youth is to be "yourself" and be inviting. Zach enjoys inviting his friends to Youth Group and sharing Jesus with them. Jesus means everything to Zach. With Zach's sweet, positive attitude, his Bible knowledge, and his faith in God, we can be sure God has an amazing plan for Zach's life. By being a Christian example, he adds fun to this world and makes it a beautiful place for everyone. You add "QUALITY" to the Youth Group, First Baptist Church, and everywhere you are!

Mr. Shawn and I are looking forward to seeing all the Youth in Worship at 10:30 and Youth Group 5:30-7:00 every Sunday. We're praying for you daily.

Love and Blessings, Ms. Debby

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