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Is God Calling?

I circled my decision on the yellow legal pad. A major career choice needed to be made. Procrastination had guided my deliberation. As a last resort I listed the "pros" and the "cons" in two adjacent columns. If number of entries was the criteria, the pro list was winning. Yet one of the con entries pointed to a necessary action in the near future. I knew then I was not to make this career choice. I didn't feel the call to implement said action.

In Exodus 9-12, Moses delivered God's instruction to "Let my people go." Pharoah wrestled with what to do with these people who followed Moses' God. To comply his kingdom would change. It wasn't so simple to just let hundreds of thousands of laborers exit his domain. He couldn't fathom his standard of living would remain the same if he granted Moses' request. The economic impact surely influenced his decision.

Economics and finances certainly guide too many of our daily decisions. I am reminded of the single factor which should shape my decisions. It's not how my life will change or if the change will cost me. Rather, it is simply, is God calling?

Next time a life changing decision is presented, be honest, reject the selfish ambition or self sacrifice. Title the columns on the pad, "Is God Calling me? Yes or no." When the answer is "yes, God is calling," put a circle around it and do it!

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