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Have a Plan

Remember the "get out the vote" campaign this plan fall? We were encouraged to organize ahead to cast our vote in the November election. My husband and I have adopted the same theme for our Advent, our preparation for Christmas.

Advent is a time to ready our hearts for the coming of Jesus. Advent reminds us of the real reason for this season. Advent celebrates the greatest Gift, eternal life.

Too many years in the past, I've been stressed with too many events, not enough time. This year appears to present the exact opposite, plenty of time due to cancelled or denied events.

Perhaps this year is the year to seize the opportunity to create new traditions or complete some of those bucket list items that busy schedules never allow.

We have the 25 days of Christmas scheduled for our household. It's a combination of traditional activities, like watching "White Christmas" to "making fudge" (one neither of us has tried) to "driving the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights" and other socially distant activities. Of course, our plan is fluid to allow for the Zoom meetings!

Rather than accept the world's circumstance of apparent restrictions, have a plan to ready yourself and your heart for the One who came to us for us.

To get a start check out the Advent Booklet, Preparing to Hear God's Call, on the FBC Olathe website. You can get your copy by logging into the member section or contact the church office.

Please share your idea for a plan for Advent in the comments.

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