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Fear will take up any space we give it.

"Do not fear, for I am with you, do not be afraid, for I am your God." Isaiah 41:10a

I don't like scary movies, roller coasters, heights, or how Covid has taken over our lives. It's easy to give into FEAR! This little word has an enormous impact in our lives. It fills up our hearts and can take over our minds. FEAR will take up any space we give it.

The one person who has conquered FEAR has invited us to live our lives with Him surrounded by His love. When we let Jesus in our lives, His love shatters FEAR. Let His love occupy our hearts and our minds. Jesus helps make life less scary, because Jesus is always with us. Jesus is saying, "Don't be afraid!" "Do you hear me!" "I am right here!"

FEAR can overwhelm you if you let it. Name your FEARS out loud to Jesus. Ask Him to show you His love at work in your life. Right now, I'm humming "God is bigger than the Boogie Man and He's watching out for you and me!"

"Youth in the Spotlight" is Riley Frasure-Smith. Riley is a Junior at Olathe East High School. Her favorite subject is English. Riley has 1 older sister. Riley likes to collect rocks, crystals, and stained glass from places she visits. If you follow Riley on Face Book, you know she travels a lot. However, she is traveling to soccer tournaments. Riley is an amazing soccer player, she already has a scholarship to William Jewel College, because of her superior soccer skills. In her free time she also does track at school, has the singing voice of an Angel, and likes art. Her favorite food are oranges. This summer she hopes to get a job. Riley loves Jesus, He means Community and Everlasting Love to her. God has given Riley many beautiful gifts, a sweet spirit and a radiance of His love. She is a "light" wherever God calls her.

I'm so happy God has opened the doors at Church so we can meet as a Youth Group. It's wonderful to take a Faith Walk with such amazing young people. See you Sunday evening at Church at 5:30. Love and Blessings, Ms. Debby

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