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When I was a 12-years old I joined a group of Boy Scouts who were going ‘Rocking.’ After almost 6 hours we kicked up and picked up hundreds of rocks, and then it happened. Someone, I think his name was Charles, kicked a rock and it broke open. The stone was a geode, filled with the most amazing crystal structure inside. It made the whole day worth it!

Pastoring FBC Olathe has been a lot like that day of ‘Rocking.’ I’ve looked at our church as we ‘reshape’ FBC Olathe. The geode we call First Baptist Olathe is amazing. Here’s the blessing I have received as your pastor… 4 shining crystals of hope and a life we share in Christ.

#1 I found a crystal of indominable spirit. Things do not always work, but I have seen such an amazing attitude of service for God. I have watched our church members stay on the job until they found a way. t is so easy to reach the end of the rope. The limitations of our skills can be tested, but this church is filled with people who just don’t give up. I see sparkling gems of Christ’s strength in our efforts.

#2 I found a crystal of outreach. The church doors are open to everyone. And I have heard visitors comment repeatedly about how people felt like they belonged in our church. We are not the right church for everyone, but everyone has found a place to stop in and worship. We have served angels aware.

#3 I found a crystal of connectedness. FBC has a deep, rich heritage of being together, sharing together and playing together. When one hurts, we all hurt and when we lose one of our own, the loss is immense. But I cannot forget, when we get together we enjoy each other.

#4 I found a crystal of sharing. FBC knows how to do boundary-less mission. We give when need is presented: Local, national and international. In one week, we were involved in inner city ministry, helped a new member of our church find a clean home, and we entertained ‘Our’ missionaries from Hungry.

When I started my time of Interim Ministry with FBC Olathe, we were in the middle of COVID. Online worship and an occasional meeting with a few people made it hard to find a geode. It was hard to be the church. Today, the geodes seem to be everywhere. What a wonderful treat.

I have a lot to brag about when ministers get together. Well ,maybe I shouldn’t brag but that’s what I did when I was 12 and found that geode. So in this week’s thoughts, I will puff out my chest and say to the Lord, “Thank you for allowing me to pastor this fantastic church!”

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