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Few of you know but, when I was young, I studied classical music. My most favorite was the William Tell Overture. I could not wait for the Lone Ranger to show up every Saturday morning. As my love for the classics grew, I attended Disney’s ‘Cornegy Hall.’ I personally heard Elmer Fudd and Fantasia. I watched Daffy Duck swim to the Blue Danube. I hold fond memories of the Minute Waltz and Hungarian Rhapsody performed by Bugs Bunny. I could go on but, I don’t want to seem pretentious. Suffice it to say, still waters run deep when it comes to my classical training.

It’s been years since I had thought about my classical training. Perhaps it was this week’s boredom. How many hours of Coronavirus coverage can you watch before you start to channel surf? I found the cartoon channel!

Memories flooded my mind. Cardboard masks made from cereal boxes transformed me into the Lone Ranger, my little brother’s diaper (a clean one) draped around my shoulders…I was able to leap a small hassock in a single bound, just like Superman.

During this trip down memory lane I found a bright spot. I’m now encouraged to wear a mask just like the cowboys wore. I‘ll admit I had a little anxiety going into the bank with my face covered, but I left my gun and holster at home and I kept my hands pretty high.

The ‘Stay in place’ decree may lift within a month or so but, are we ready to live differently? I wonder if this time of quarantine is just a cartoon with great background music. The virus will certainly not be eliminated in the next 30 days. Will I act differently when the ban is lifted?

Our Deacon Board began discussions on new disciplines: working on the constitution, the Reshape Church Program and managing worship practices, would you believe some say I preach too long? We are reviewing what we used to do and, what we should as we can meet again. It definitely will be different.

I’ve decided not to fly through the sanctuary with a diaper (a clean one) around my shoulders. I’ve decided my classical music training is inadequate. I want only one thing more than seeing my FBC family- I want to make Easter special this year and I want to ensure that we do not would endanger even one of us.

Let’s pray we reach beyond old memories and find an ‘Emerging Church.’ One that is primed with spirit and new behaviors. We’ve each had time to reflect. Will we have learned anything or was COVID just an inconvenience? We now press on toward Palm Sunday, the day we open our church – let’s make this one special for Jesus.

I think that will be SUPER!

Pastor Bill

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