What We Believe


The family at First Baptist Church of Olathe, believes:

  • In one God that can be seen in three forms, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

  • We believe God created humankind in the image of the three and God’s intension for humanity was to live duty free as long as God’s commands were obeyed.

  • Humankind could not comply and fell into death because of this disobedience [which is known as sin].

  • God’s love for humankind is so great that God had already planned for our savior, Jesus, to come and save us from ourselves.

  • Jesus, fully divine and fully human, saved us by taking the sins of the world and dying for those sins, paying the ultimate price [a sacrifice] for humanities freedom from sin.

  • We believe three days following His death, Jesus rose from the dead by the power of God. This resurrection of Jesus showed humanity the power God has over sin and this resurrection is our promised inheritance upon our belief that Jesus is Lord and Savior.

  • When we believe in Christ as Lord and savior, our sins are forgiven, we enter into the Kingdom of God, and we are granted eternal life with Christ.  We are resurrected into the body of Christ forever.

  • We also believe that we are granted the gift of the Holy Spirit, whom guides us in life until the end of the age.  It is this portion of God that leads us in proclaiming Jesus' life, death and resurrection to others so God’s love is realized and the burden of sin is removed. 

first baptist church of Olathe

2024 E 151st St. Olathe, KS        ​913-764-7088           ​​  Worship: 10:30 am

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