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Prayer Wall


One of the ways to connect with God is through prayer. Join us in praying for those listed here.

Updated 05/30/2023

Lisa Sonsthagen
Vivian Jurgens (hospice)
Charles Perry – Continue to pray for healing; had surgery 2/27
Don & Colene Miller – Health and praise God Don is back home
Keith Vanaman- Doing well, requested prayer to “keep the courage”
Larry and Burphie Brand (center of grace) – Burphie has lung CA
Cindy Webb (Amy Erikson’s aunt) – She has non-operable tumor on her lung
Mike Dempsie – heart surgery 6/7
Rick Bayne (Myrna Lamer’s friend) - Lung cancer
Wayne Laimer – Health Concerns
Claire – Going into surgery for broken arm with cancerous mass
Hunter & Parker Layton (loss of their mother)
Delores Koss (Patti Robinett’s mom) – just started hospice

Silver Saints  
Laurie Rains
Mara Newkirk
Mark Newkirk
Pam Dailey

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