Prayer Wall


One of the ways to connect with God is through prayer. Join us in praying for those listed here.

Updated 12/15/20

Transition phase at FBC

Rita Shelton

Vaughn family

Kellar family

Bernard (back pain)

Jeanne (starts Nursing school in January)

Melinda – Leukemia (Sheri Drake)

Blue- Colon Cancer (Sheri Drake)

Lorraine Chavez

Steve Chacon

Vernon South (surgery)

Bill Schultz(Bell’s palsy)

David and Lori (Carolyn)

Carolyn Ibach ( foot fracture)

Keith and Judi (Carolyn Holland’s sister and brother–in law) – Keith passed

Mary Ann Goff (Ray Goff’s passing)

Keith Vanaman (pending surgery of his shoulders)

Vernon South (surgery)

David and Lori (Carolyn)

Judy Coffin

Jennifer Coffin

Janine Gravley

Susan Peach

Chris Greenwald

Laurie Raines

Kenna Tolla

Marvin (Carolyn Ibach)

Barbara (Carolyn Ibach)

Mark (Lisa Newkirk)

Mara (Lisa Newkirk)

Teferra family

Pastoral Search committee (Morna)

Reshaping of the Church