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God Sends the Spring!

"Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen." Hebrews 11:1

Do you feel it? The sense of urgency, time feels shorter and "busy" becomes everyone's middle name. Emotions are high. This school year has been so different, but things are getting back to some normal now. However, there are only weeks left in this school year and there is a lot to get done. Let's remember to take time with and for God, each other, and yourself. "Take time to smell the flowers!" It's a beautiful spring!

"Youth in the Spotlight" is Elizabeth Cross. Elizabeth is a Junior at Blue Valley North West High School. Her favorite subject is Anatomy. Elizabeth has a younger brother. She collects random trinkets of any kind, a lot of little things, even safety pins and rubber bands. Only Elizabeth can see the beauty and value in all things, big or small-even in people. Her favorite food is Chocolate Chip Cookies and she makes the best ones. In her free time she likes to bake, hang out with her friends and read Fantasy Novels. Elizabeth doesn't allow herself very much free time, her school work always comes first. She feels there is always more to learn. Her hope is to attend John Hopkins University. Elizabeth likes to stay busy, she participates in Cross Country at school, plays the Piano (even at Church), and the Ukulele, sings in the School Choir and does Jazz and Ballet at Miller Marley School of Dance. Elizabeth had her picture in the March edition of KC Parents Magazine advertising Miller Marley. This summer she plans to take some On-line classes and perform in a Musical with Stage-Worx. Fun Fact: Elizabeth's new driving lesson is learning to avoid trash cans. Elizabeth knows Jesus loves her no matter what and always looks out for her. Her advice to the other Youth Group members is: "Do the things you enjoy!" Elizabeth is a beautiful, quiet, sweet, Christian lady. Her gentle spirit illuminates Jesus' love in her life. It will be amazing to see how God uses your many talents, education, and faith to make this a better, beautiful world.

Spring is a season of hope, joy, and cheer, there's beauty all around us to see, touch, and hear. For God never sends the winter, without the joy of spring to enter.

Happy Easter! Youth Group-Sunday evenings at 5:30. No Youth Group on Easter Sunday.

Love ya,

Ms. Debby

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