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National trend is still plateaued with new cases in the 20,000’s to 30,000’s per day.

Kansas trend looks like it might have plateaued with new cases hovering in the 200’s. Johnson County looks like it might also be plateaued as it is going back and forth between 5 7 10.

The percentage of positive results verses the amount tested seems to be on a trend downward trajectory.  With that said, Secretary, Dr. Lee Norman, warns this trend might go back up before it goes downward for good. The reason for this is, the state is working toward having enough test kits to test everyone in Kansas. As the number of people being tested increase there may likely be a surge of positive results because one the characteristic of this virus is that many people do not show symptoms of having it. If this number of positive tests increase then obviously the possibility of transference increases. 


The church wants to respect that possibility and move a little slower coming back. As Dr. Lee Norman said, “it is better to walk before you run.” In this case we are going to walk cautiously before we run.